The Memphis Interfaith project started in 2007 as a dinner with the intention of bringing people of all faiths together to break bread. It has since continued in the Islamic month of Ramadan sponsored by the Muslim Society of Memphis. However, it has been a true representation of the interfaith community in the Memphis area.


  • 8th Annual Memphis Interfaith Dinner In Memphis, specifically, why are there so many hungry people? Is it money? Logisitcs? Access? – Where is the biggest need from this room? Money or time? Memphis has a high poverty rate, due to

  • Imam Sharif, Marcia Wells’ responses from the Food Bank’s perspective are excellent and cover the overall hunger issues very well. So I will answer the questions from the perspective of senior hunger, which is what MIFA deals with

  • Where does hunger rank statewide and compared to other surrounding states MS, AR, is Memphis effectively moving the needle? http://feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america/hunger-studies/map-the-meal-gap.aspx Visit this interactive ma


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