Shaykh Anwar Arafat on WMC TV Action News 5

Stop Hunger Now Event on May 22, 2016


“Memphis Interfaith Dinner – Promoting Unity & Understanding”

Memphis Interfaith Dinner – Promoting Unity and Understanding

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Source: WREG

Self-restraint paves bridges between faith communities

Najmun Noor, Guest Columnist

Published June 2, 2017

The work of building bridges between faith communities takes patient dedication, time, goodwill and an overarching sense of purpose. Then, and only then, short-term stumbling blocks to interfaith relations can become stepping stones which in turn are made into bridges paved with self-restraint.

One such initiative, held annually since 2006, is Memphis Interfaith’s Ramadan Dinner, where about 500 people of goodwill from various faiths listen to insights on social service as expressed by Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other clergy and break bread at the end of the fasting day during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

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Source: The Commercial Appeal