Memphis Interfaith

Bringing people together, Building bridges across sections of society, Promoting understanding between all faiths and cultures

The Memphis Interfaith project started in 2007 as a dinner with the intention of bringing people of all faiths together to break bread.  It has since continued  as an annual dinner in the Islamic month of Ramadan  with a series of themes addressed by distinguished speakers of diverse faiths.  Additionally, Memphis Interfaith brings together  interfaith  volunteers to package meals that are shipped to areas of need in the Western hemisphere.

About us
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Our Mission

We are committed to bring all faiths together to foster respect and appreciation for the dignity and wholesome spirituality cultivated within diverse faith traditions and to promote compassion and understanding for all.


Our Vision

To be a volunteer service organization inspired by the best in Islamic values and effective in enabling the Greater Memphis community to appreciate the best in the values of all faith traditions.





"Corruption and disorder have appeared on land and in the sea because of what the hands of people have done. Thus He causes people to taste the consequence of some of what they have done, so that they may come back ( to their proper role)."


Al-Qur’an  -  Surah (Chapter)  30,  Ayah (Verse) 41


Presents the 14th Annual Interfaith Prog

Ramadan : Time for Unity and Healing

We hope you are doing very well and keeping safe. Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel our Annual Interfaith Ramada Interfaith Dinner last year. While we have enjoyed hosting a dinner and sitting down and breaking bread with you every year, we will have a virtual event this year. Instead of the dinner, we are asking for donations to feed the underprivileged. We hope you will donate generously.


Please join us for an evening filled with friendly Interfaith camaraderie and fun.


During the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world express solidarity with the underprivileged, the distressed, and the hungry. It is a time of personal reflection, spiritual renewal, and charitable endeavors. And every night, Muslims break their fast with a celebratory evening meal called Iftar.


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